Frequently Asked Questions

What types of work do you do?

We perform a wide variety of jobs/ task ranging from basic maintenance to engine building and tuning to full performance/ race builds and fabrication. We also use CAD software to design one off components and assemblies. If needed, these parts can be 3D printed, CNC’d or fabricated.

What don’t you do?

Typically, we do not take on body/ paint jobs. Due to the nature of some projects, we work with paint shops for those tasks. We coordinate between the shop(s) and oversee the project. A separate contract/ work order will be issued between the body shop and customer for that portion of the job.

What vehicles do you service?

Pretty much anything. Domestic and Foreign, Modern and Vintage. We do cater more towards the ‘toys’ and special interest vehicles vs routine daily drivers. We are not a quick oil change facility.

Can I hire you for a specific portion of the project and I finish the rest?

Absolutely. We will work with you on your build. We will recommend reasonable parameters for the hired portions.

What is your warranty?

We stand behind all of our work. Mechanical & Racing components carry manufacturer’s warranty. After completing a build, we do road test to assure things are functioning properly. Naturally, things will arise over time during the customer’s ownership. Communication is very important to us and we offer continuing assistance towards your build/ project.

Flat Rate or Time and Materials?

We invoice strictly on a Time & Parts/ Material basis. We find this to the fairest method. While it does leave the end open, we do our best to ballpark cost for the project based on initial observations and experience. Changes and unforeseen obstacles can arise during a build. We keep the customer informed as these situations occur as well as progress throughout the job. Like the saying goes, the sweetness of a cheap price is overshadowed by the bitterness of poor craftsmanship.

Can I bring my own parts?

Usually, no. However, this is something we discuss at the inception of the project. Some customers have accumulated parts over years but may not have the time to finish the build. We aren’t going to say you can’t use those parts. We will sort them and inform on what we will use and what we won’t with valid explanations of why we made such decisions. Most of the time the reason will be along the lines of inferior quality vs another option or the supplied component is not suitable for the intended end goal of the project. We work with our customers to provide them with the best possible solution for their project factoring expectations, intended use (short and long term where applicable), time and budget. As to be expected, we will not be responsible for any supplied part that fails or its resulting damage.

Often, projects are broken into phases. Starting and stop points are determined so the build can be safely enjoyed between phases.

Project Documentation

We keep a daily log on all activities regarding your project. Pictures are taken throughout. Some projects have 100’s of pictures from start to finish. These can be uploaded on a picture hosting site as well as provided to you on CD or USB stick. Any literature pertinent to the project is passed on to the customer. Invoices itemize parts and description of labor performed during that billing period.

When can I bring my project to you and when will it be completed?

This question is factored by many variables and existing work load. We will address this on a per job basis at that current place in time. Once your project is at the shop, it’s in the active queue. In other words, if it’s here, it’s on the daily job list. We do not have the room to store projects that are not being worked on or stalled. We are not a storage facility. In the event a project needs to be halted, we can move it to a third party storage facility at the owners expense. Owner is responsible for any involved cost along with contract between the storage facilities.

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