1972 Firebird Pro Touring

Dubbed ‘Grandma Goes Racing’ as the project started as a 1972 firebird Esprit that over a series of phases, will be transformed into a powerful multipurpose car that will not only tear up the auto cross and road course but be able to cruise on the way there and back.  We left the engine along for now aside form installing headers, 4 bbl intake and carb and high volume oil pump with a trap door oil pan.

Suspension was all redone with a combination of Global West, Pro touring Fbody, and Viking components. Spherical and Delrin bushings on all corners along with double adjustable shocks are needed to take slop out of the suspension on those autocross days. Sway bar mounting points were reinforced to carry the added loads due to the increase suspension performance.  Solid body mounts and subframe connectors tighten the car up providing a more confident feel. New short ratio steering box and associated components also installed.

Throughout the build we encountered many areas that needed addressing prior to proceeding. These range from minor electrical to body mount repair. 

Finally, to keep an eye on the engine’s vitals, a set of Trans Am gauges were redone and installed with the addition of an oil temp gauge in place of a clock.

While Phase 1 took the grandma out of the body, she still lives in the drivetrain. Phase 2 addresses that area.

We did wake grandma up a little and get her ready for what’s to come. Another fun and rewarding build.

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