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1978 Trans Am

Doug Nash 5 speed conversion

Very nice original 34k mile car that the owner wanted to add some fun into it while keeping it stock appearing. Most if not all of these modifications are what we refer to as ‘Day 2’ modifications. Day 2 modifications are what one would do shortly after purchasing the car new from a dealer.  These would be considered ‘period correct’ modifications in modern times.

With the automatic transmission out of the way, the Doug Nash/ Richmond 4+1, 5 speed transmission setup was installed. Also, Ram Air 3 exhaust manifolds and custom bent exhaust was added. Carburetor was reworked as with the distributor recurved for added performance.  On another visit, Solid Body mounts and Subframe connectors were installed. 

Still running R12 Freon, this TA is much livelier and more enjoyable to drive. The owner has taken it on many 1300-mile round trips with nothing but smiles per gallon.

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